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Here is a sampling of what Cathy Bolger's clients say about her:

"You received glowing feedback... terrific... relaxed and comfortable... very thorough and gentle... I have improved immensely..."

Summary of evaluations from Presentation Skills—Trainer: Cathy Bolger

"Dr Cathy Bolger is a San Diego-based training professional in the best of the familiar mold, garnering kudos for her ability to stand up and train. She is very, very good at teaching and delighting the people who take her classes."

From Beyond the Podium, by Dr Allison Rossett

"Cathy Bolger was hired as a consultant for the Center for Creative Leadership because she has an excellent reputation in the professional community, is trusted, experienced, responsible, a collaborator, a team player, and a world-class educator. She is an expert at interpreting complex data and assisting leaders in formulation of an action plan to improve themselves. Cathy consistently received highest ratings possible (both numerically and in written comments) on all of her work."

Karen D Kirkland, PhD
Feedback and Coaching Manager
Center for Creative Leadership

"Cathy delivered excellent management development training for us in the areas of meeting management, time management, and active listening. She is perceptive, expert, and a pleasure to work with."

Susie Custodia
Manager of Performance Improvement
GKN Aerospace Chem-tronics

"Thanks again for your coaching. You are very easy to talk with and very prepared with improvement strategies and other important information."

Mark Kukuchek
Manager, Test and Trials/Guaranty
NASSCO-National Steel and Shipbuilding Company

"Cathy is a seasoned executive coach that positively impacted my career development plans."

Thomas Wyatt
Senior Manager
Cisco Systems Inc

"Cathy is ABSOLUTELY 'the partner' that every organization needs to help train and coach employees. Her approach results in a rapport with each workshop participant—even when she has a room full of 20 people! She's the BEST!"

JoElyn Lynch, MSN
Staff Development
Children's Hospital and Health Center
San Diego, CA

"I highly recommend Cathy Bolger. Cathy is an excellent instructor and always receives outstanding evaluations. I am always confident that participants will leave the training more confident, and with increased skills and abilities."

Judy Blum
Director of Learning Solutions
Professional Development Division
San Diego State University

"I am very cautious about taking training classes so when I say the presentation class was great, that is a huge compliment. I learned so much and you were inspiring. Thanks for assisting me in improving my presentations."

Participant from an aerospace company

"I had to give a 2 hour presentation to the customer yesterday... I was told by the customer that I made the material seem interesting and gave an excellent presentation. One of the main reason's I think it went so well was some of the skills I learned in your class so I just wanted to say thanks."

Daniel Williams
Systems Engineer
BAE Systems

"Cathy is a true facilitator, her expertise as a skillful questioner is unsurpassed."

Christine Cecil, EdD
Chapman University
Organizational Leadership

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