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Cathy Bolger is San Diego-based trainer, coach and author who provides professional and personal development to a wide range of companies and individuals. Her most requested trainings include Presentation Skills, Meeting Management and Facilitation Skills, and Conflict Management Skills.

Her clients range from healthcare, manufacturing and government to one of the five largest accounting firms. Her practical approach to training coupled with her high-energy presentation style make Cathy a respected professional in the training and consulting industry.

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Cathy Bolger

"Cathy delivered excellent management development training for us in the areas of meeting management, time management, and active listening. She is perceptive, expert, and a pleasure to work with."

Specializing in Training Programs on:

Presentation Skills   San Diego, CA

Effective presentation skills are especially important to advance your ideas as well as your career. This workshop is for everyone who wants to improve presentation skills, whether speaking up at meetings, delivering reports to customers, or giving formal presentations. All participants receive individual feedback on their presentation skills. Tips and techniques offered in this workshop help you become a more confident and polished presenter. Learn more...


  • Organize presentations
  • Manage speech anxiety
  • Create and manage visual aids
  • Handle question & answer sessions
  • Develop professional delivery techniques
Meeting Management and Facilitation   San Diego, CA
Meetings can be either a waste of time or a way to enhance productivity. In this class, you learn effective meeting management and facilitation skills to increase participant satisfaction and improve results. You also discover the skills and responsibilities needed before, during, and after meetings. Learn more...


  • Define the meeting purpose
  • Plan for an effective meeting
  • Facilitate an effective meeting
  • Determine follow-up responsibilities
Managing Conflict   San Diego, CA
Conflict is constructive when it brings new ideas, innovation, and deeper relationships. Conflict is destructive when it leads to tense relationships, and lowered morale and productivity. In this course, you learn a variety of conflict management styles, their strategies, and the skills required for each strategy. Learn more...


Learn conflict management strategies to achieve win/win results:

  • When to concede
  • When to postpone
  • When to stand firm
  • When to collaborate
  • When to compromise
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